Fun with a Friend

I slide into the passengers seat. I was beginning to think he had thought this was all a mistake as he drove me home. When we pulled in the driveway, I didn't want to look at him. He touched my arm and I turned. He had a big grin on his face and I knew that he wasn't sorry about what had happened. It's been almost two weeks since that first

Initiation at Sixteen

day and I had the house to myself. As usual on that day, I did my weekly investigation of Anne’s room, especially her lingerie drawer. I loved taking her nylons and rubbing my face in them. I usually spent time with my cock in her bras. Their size amazed me. That particular day I sat on her bed with my trousers around my ankles my face wrapped in

Blinding Lust 2: The Dark Lords Awakening

eyes, wider than its already wide size…lips, parted a bit as if she lost her breath…she held the knob as if her life depended on it…for what was standing in front of her, who is totally blocking her path…was a tall, slim, fit, and unbelievably, handsome being… his hair, was darker than the darkest night which is in complete contrast to his pale


feeling of regret as we recalled all the time spent chatting. For once, I was actually a bit more responsible. I spent every day after school working on a clay bust inspired by a character I’d seen in a horror movie. I also made the conscious effort to work after school because of a particularly gorgeous distraction. Sabine was especially shy

My Hairdresser

heavenly when she rubbed my nipples with it.  When she moved both of her hands to my pussy with it,  I spread my legs wide and lifted my feet from the floor, clearing her for takeoff.  After she almost got me off with her hands and that scrub I was certainly buying later, she again sprayed me, but this time focused the shower nozzle on my

Meeting Emma Watson

was keen to hear the things I have done but sadly I haven’t really got that much experience as its hard for a guy to look for girls as girls are more reserved when it comes to sex.Emma rose up above me holding her hand out to me telling me to get up and to come with her, I asked her were we are going “I’m gonna show you my fetish” Emma replied

Brenda And The Mango Man

do you get them from?" "There is a grove about three miles down the coast. I’m going there this afternoon to get more, why don’t you come with me?" Brenda thought for a second, decided that she probably had spent enough time sunbathing - and just fantasising - and agreed. "Okay, see you at two over by that boat," and pointed towards a small,

Family Traditions Ch. 02

flushed face as well as her crotch. Her neatly trimmed bush slowly came into view and with his face so close to her pussy, he could see her pussy lips and smell the signs of her arousal. Both Karen and Nikita blushed as the smell of her arousal permeated the area. Nikita stared at her mom quizzically and her mom rolled her eyes and shrugged


after pouring a glass of wine for herself, they moved through to the lounge. The men sat on the two chairs facing each other and Catherine sat on the sofa.Catherine decided to dispense with any more awkward conversation and take the bull by the horns. The inevitable had happened and she hoped that they could set the ground rules, whatever they

I Kissed A Girl And Liked It! Part I

soon pushed the roommate experience back in her memory and did not revisit it.Brad and Leeann had met at a joint frat and sorority party six months before, and quickly became a couple. They married a few months after graduating from college and Brad landed a job with an engineering firm about two hours away from Leeann’s hometown. They moved to

Dan's Dream Part One

which she did. Her touch was light and it sent a wave of pleasure thru his body, his cock reacting with a twitch and a roll as it began to fill with blood. He took the bottle and encouraged her to lie down on her stomach so that he could do her back. His hands began caressing her at her feet where he spent a long time with his thumbs working


bag, my jacket and they told me that my interrogation will start in 30 minutes. I tried to explain and to contest but no one was listening. After 3O minutes of waiting in the corridor handcuffed to a chair, two bald guys came to take me to a room. They sat me on a chair and tied me to the table. “What your name” “Emma, I can explain everything,

How Quiet Can You Be?

whined. “Read your book,” I said. I adjusted my folded up coat against the window and closed my eyes again. Outside the mountains rolled by in the darkness as the coach wound its way through them to the ski resort. “I finished it.” “Then, I don’t know, try to sleep or something.” “I can’t sleep, Johnny, I’m too wired. I can’t read, can’t watch

Personal Assistant

murmured as I lit a cigarette.I shrugged and wound down the window a touch to let the smoke escape. She shivered slightly.“Sorry,” I apologized, “I know you don’t smoke.”“Don’t mind me,” she shot me a wry smile and fluffed out her shoulder length dark hair, “I’d rather breathe your noxious fumes than freeze my arse off out here, this smoking ban

An Ordinary Man’s Life Ch. 04

on the lips. This young woman was adorable and the thoughts of them together with Todd became more urgent. ʺSamantha, please take a seat with me on this couch. As you see I have a bottle of champagne on the table. I know you like it and we can get a little more comfortable with each other.ʺ ʺThank you, Andromeda, that would be nice,’ answered

Dinner with a young virgin guy

pulled out his cock. Leaving him lie down on the bed, I went to grab a condom. I sucked his cock a little more, and then rolled the condom on his hard cock, “Now we can fuck,” I said. I again sat on his cock, and started to ride him slowly. I was moving my hands on his chest. I was moving really slow and he was watching me ride his cock. “You are

The agony of waiting

last building close to release. “Come inside me — I want to feel you,” she pleaded. Relinquishing control, he came, squirting great ropes of come deep inside her and pulling out to finish all over her breasts. They slipped slowly down the wall breathing still ragged as they re-lived the ecstasy they had given each other. As their breathing and

New neighbors Pt. 2

and fell forward. My head landed on her lap and she reflexively openedher legs. I pushed my face into her pussy then quickly sat up. "Sorry Jenna"."I like it when you touch me". I looked at her and put my hand on her leg. When she didn'tmove away I slid it up and down then did the same thing with my other hand. My cock wason fire. Jenna opened

Mending A Broken Heart

years ago, her mother. This morning I knew in a second that the beauty I had just met was little more than a clone of the original. This Paula could be none other than the child of my first love. At that time I met her mother, she was a single mom with a gorgeous eighteen-month-old baby girl. I had loved both of them dearly, but when a new job

I Found A DVD - Part 2

around his shaft at the deepest point.He was pounding into her now; his swinging balls made a slap as they hit her arse with each thrust.Faster now, slapping louder, Jane gasping, Pete gasping, both were close.“Come for me, baby!” she cried.Pete let out that familiar growl. His back arched, buttocks clenched and his hands dug into her thighs.“Oh

My Cousin Kristen and I

As she used her fingers to pry my elastic band from my skin she used the other hand to rub the inner part of my thigh. My little body was tingling all over. As she grabbed ahold of my throbbing prick, I let out a huge sigh and my body seemed to sink into her mattress. She started stroking slow at first then faster, then slow again, telling me

MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 4 SWIMMING (missing pussy eating paragraph)

as I massaged my sister?s ass. My dick won out as Rach slithered down farther in the lounge chair till her pussy came up against my knee. ?Harder,? Rach murmured, as she slowly started grinding her pussy into my knee. The action of her grinding, flexed her ass muscles, sending ripples over her ass. Becoming lost in the spectacle, I only just

Winter Fires Ch. 11

‘I think he was oblivious. That blonde –’ ‘Alison’ ‘Yeah, her, she really wore him out, I think. That’s why she was trying to get him to do the drug. ‘Coke’s supposed to be good for that,’ mused Marianne. ‘Mari!’ ‘Oh, shush! Mum’ll hear you! No, I didn’t do any, I’m just left wondering what it would be like.’ ‘Anyhow, no, we didn’t get it on

Office Loving

as my secretary all I could think about was fucking her in that perfect little ass.Maybe if Mary didn’t wear those damn tight jeans that push right into the crack of her ass, I would have been okay, but as things stood, all I could think about was that ass.Both sides of her chubby little lips were fully defined by the clothing she wore and I

Slave of a Sith Part: 7

and sat down on my legs waiting for her to notice me.“Ahh. Hello slave it has been a while. I have a new mission for you but before I would like you to undress” She turned around as she said this. I quickly striped down taking off my clothing and then my bra and panties. Master took a good look at me and spotted the remaining cum around my

Her Sexual Escapades

wife about her past sexual encounters with her previous boyfriend. She saw how much it aroused me and her being somewhat a little naturally submissive was more than glad to answer specific questions about her past sex life. We had fantastic sex talking about it and it eventually evolved into us kind of fantasizing what it would be like for her

Professional Courtesy – Second Assignment

that she would be expected to remove them before long. She could barely stand the mixture of anxiety and anticipation as the elevator rushed her to the twentieth floor. It had been exactly a week since her last visit to the grand hotel in Boston’s Back Bay. She arrived that evening as a naïve coed and left as an expensive call girl. Jennifer had

Mia Moves In

their ages well. Whatever imperfections they may see in their bodies, are simply a testament to lives being well lived. They could be sisters, with their similar builds and coloring. Bedroom doors were never closed, and we roamed freely, snuggling in with whomever we wished to snuggle in with. Sex rarely took place without the three of us there,

The Uneventful Couple: Event #1 SEXerciser

be contained in his clothes. He stepped back and got naked in the hallway, quietly. When he came back at the threshold of the door, he saw Julie getting agitated on the bed, her eyes closed, as if the victim of her own impulses. She was violently pushing this device into her body. It no longer looked like a toy. Bruno could no longer resist. He

Tera's Horse Ride!

and pussy and cum in my mouth....I needed it so badly, especially after seeing how Connie had loved it so much. I was vaguely aware of one of the men taking the horse from the shed row and bringing Blackman the largest stallion at the farm in to replace him. I had watched Blackman breed a few mares and he had the thickest, longest cock of any of

Her Name Was Snowy

to this?" I asked.Brody turned and stared into my eyes. "Of course there's a point. Don't you see? Had I not gotten on that bus, I would have never met Snowy. And if I never met Snowy, I would have never punched Santa into a coma. That was the moment my life changed. That's when I realized how much damage this fist can cause. So I joined the

Motel Dread

He also had sqaure glasses and even wore a sweater."Well hello there stranger." he greeted with a pleasent smile."Hi." she greeted back with a wide smile, "Are there anymore rooms avalible?""As a matter a fact we have 13 open as of this minute." he said kindly, "You can have number 32." he said pulling a key from the wall of 50 keys, "That will

Total Woman Pageants 05

it, with her head hanging over the edge, he had her in decent alignment for a in-depth throat fucking. He plowed ahead, never losing his face contact with Romysha’s rosy maw. After watching the little gymnast give it her all, Victor was set to give her his all. He used his full repertoire to get the most satisfaction for himself. He employed

Rain, jazz, and a womans touch

Although some felt the urgency to submerse themselves into it, whatever it was. It was an unknown force, a draw and a pull into a raw, dark feeling. You couldn’t emotionalize it because of it’s anonymity. No, it was something that had to be experienced and expressed in another form. Something that you felt was clawing at your tender, pale skin

My Life Behind Paul's Back Chapter 1

and some other of my older brothers had gone to basketball practice. Dad finished dinner before me and went to the den. I asked Alex and Bill to sit down before they cleaned the kitchen. They sat down across from me.“What are your plans or does mom have more chores for you two?” I asked.“No chores Miss Barbie, me, Bill and the other dozen,

A Rocking Weekend

all go for a swim. Everyone dressed in a bathing suit. Everyone, that is, except for Mark. "There is nothing like skinny dipping at night," Mark said. "The cool night air. The comfortably tepid water. The total freedom!" Mark had turned the light on in the pool and was doing laps, while Ellen sat on the steps, sipping her wine. She felt a little


coach-for-the-game.”“What!? I can’t do that!”“You already are. Don’t worry. I’m here as your back up.”“OK!”“Just one thing, Karim.”“Yeah?”“When you put yourself in as pitcher, you need to make Ricky the coach.”“Will do!”Sean lets the umpire know that Karim is in charge. The ump raises an eyebrow, but already noticed how the team was running

Pie Treat

sensitive, too. I think at least once I’ve made her come from playing only with her boobs. She keeps her pubic regions neatly shaven, a ‘landing strip’ made just for me. So when I saw her standing in the doorway, wearing that short, satin babydoll nightgown, opened at the chest, I felt a rush of energy. I realized how much I had missed her. And I

Jack’s Women Ch. 06

us going downstairs, their conversation consisted of shopping and how much they missed it. I looked at Terry, instantly we both felt bad for them and us as he and I abused that ability to just go shopping when we wanted. I decided to take an interest in listening to them talk about what they wanted to buy and the kinds of clothes they wanted to

Apocolypse chapter 13 + 14

you can all me Phil. I'm 11 and I'm the house nerd." He was a bigread head boy for 11. Not tall big, but he was more on the chubby sideand had glasses. Now it was the other girl Carry who spoke. "I'm Carry,I'm 12 and these are my brothers Cole and Cody. Their both 10." Se saidpointing at her twin brothers. Carry was to me not attractive. She had


of my hips and head, my body constrained at wrists ankles, head and core. The bottom of his cock was so thick I could feel it rubbing my whole pussy as he thrust into me, groaning into my mouth. My body strained against my bonds each time he plunged. I was gasping for breath and wriggling. My channel started to pulse against its invader. My

Tales of the eKids Chapter 05

she barely felt the tearing of her hymen. Her pussy began to violently contract around Officer Dan’s finger as Joanie rotated her hips, relishing the feeling of first intrusion. Her hips were humping his hand. She felt a thumb intrude on her anal opening and she screamed in her lust. Like a firecracker, her first orgasm exploded within her.

The Small Town Country Gal

her off at her house, which was just a few miles away. Neither of us said a word as she stepped out of the car. I watched as she walked the broken cement sidewalk up to her little white fame house with the overgrown weeds in the front yard. I didn’t wait, I had more than a few miles to go. As I passed the city limits sign, I made a mental note,

Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks Chapter 8

she was not the only one that won this trip. At first it sounds like a trip for couples only. . Her husband because of his business at that time of year cannot go nor does he want to. So Catherine invites Kate and I, the original intent though as most husbands are unable to go was to invite other women especially those that would be candidates

My Virgin Sister : Chapter Two

boyfriends blowjobs, but didn't let them fuck her, she'd be coming home to me hot and horny after her dates. If I take her virginity now, there's less reason for her to put limits on what she'll do with other guys, and less opportunity for me."Lisa, what about keeping your virginity. What about waiting for 'THE ONE' like we've been talking? We're

My 1st insight to Bi sex pt2

  “WOW that looks so sexy” said Dad   “Why don’t you taste mine?”   This time without any hesitation I lowered my mouth to Dads cock, the feel of it against my lips as I kissed the purple head was strange, it felt so warm and as I ran my tongue over the eye of this monster the taste was a little salty

Moving into a new life. Part 2

up to cumming in the tight pussy of the plump redhead. She was still climaxing and sucking on the blonds tit. The other fellow under the howling blond didn't look like he could do more than squirm under her ass. He moaned suddenly, "UNH UNH AH Shit!" and filled the blonds pussy which the voluptuous brunette eagerly lapped up. He took a deep

Cyrus’ New Zealand Adventure Ch. 10

go. Luckily, the hotel we’re staying at is pretty close by.’ ‘Pepper’s Clearwater, or something like that right?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I saw it online. It looked awesome. It’s on a golf course ya?’ ‘Ya. In fact Scott mentioned that you play. Maybe you guys might get a chance to play tomorrow.’ ‘That would be lovely. Do you play as well?’ ‘No. I’ve never

Total Woman Zodiac 11

good sex. If the rest of the weekend was like this, Ms. Four might learn a few bedroom tricks to take home to teach her hubby or she might just loose big at the casino tables again as an excuse to get aboard another cruise. —————————————— Zack wandered to the afterdeck where during the previous evening he had partially disrobed Ms. Four. The

Knox County Ch. 08

They’d spoken on the phone a few times, but they hadn’t seen each other since the preceding Sunday. He looked at her. She was watching him, her mind evidently stuck on something. ‘What?’ he prompted. She smiled, then started giggling. ‘What?’ he repeated, sitting next to her on the sofa. ‘Nothing.’ Yet she couldn’t quit giggling.

I Vont Yu Tureen

of a gal who was whoring in the asphalt pickle patch. Between high octane and the diesel fuel. Her neon tattoos and the vascular atlas of her flesh swooning me a nine o'clock entry, as my one tooth scented her blood. "I think you meant, entrée, Ezekiel." She was humping a diesel pump, as her bifocals had fallen lose. Her lips puckered around the

Lord of the rings:Hope for the future pt 3-Eowyn.

siljen sheets to cover them.They would make love to him for hours till they all fell asleep,both elves wrapping their arms round his figure.Any men or male elves he sent to try and capture thei interest were met with harsh glares,hateful looks and scathing advice to hit the road or get a painful lesson in pain.In short they weren't interested and

In the Vineyard Ch. 03

wasn’t mocking her, he returned her stare with a look of admiration. Miles was relieved when Ana showed up with Chester that morning. He made a point of asking about her when he called. He tried to get Chester to talk about Ana – he asked about her parents, and tried to work in some questions about her relationship with Greg. Chester didn’t

I Want My Daddy - Part 2

I take 2 steps forward and my body is now wet from the shower. My father opens his eyes and he is so shocked with what he sees. He staggers to the back and stops when the shower wall touches his back. My young naked teenage body is now soaking wet and my father’s eyes feast on it. “This is what I do when you don’t want me Daddy.” I whisper. I

The Only Woman for Me- Part Five

think of a good enough reason to turn down more assistance so he is coming with me. I am standing in the mirror giving myself on finally look over, as nervous as if this was a first date or something. I am so excited to finally see her again I am about to jump out of my skin.   One last look in the mirror and I turn away heading out of the

The Perfect Remedy

that she knew she couldn't remain seated any longer. Her body stiffened and she moaned as she screwed up her eyes and pushed the heels of her hands against them. She should run a deep, hot bath, that would soothe it, help take the pain away.She got up, slightly bent over and shuffled to the bathroom. Shit, this was as sore a cramp as she'd ever

Forced Wife Ch. 01

recent experiences with you. The centre of these is my relationship with my wife Brianna. Brianna is what is considered a very attractive woman. She is tall with long blond hair and a face with the same fine features of Michelle Pfeifer. She has the slim body of a glamour model with firm shapely breasts. We have been married now for some 7 years

It’s Not Easy to Be a Love Goddess Ch. 10

down the street. He had his arm around a young man with dark hair, wearing jeans and a muscle shirt. The young man was well built, and filled his muscle shirt out very nicely. The two of them passed my restaurant and proceeded up the street, without realizing I was there. My heart leapt for joy! It appeared that Paul had opened up to his truth,

Would You Like Ketchup With That? 4

into me, her hand under my robe, caressing my ass, her face so close that if I leaned forward just a little, I could kiss her.“At some point, it occurred to me that you could have all sorts of fun if you wanted to be creative,” she continued, her voice sensual and dripping with meaning.  “I could play all sorts of games if I found the right


with the end of my finger.Emilie just began breathing faster as I sat back down in the artist's chair, my finger rubbing very slow circles around clit as I looked her in the face to find a negative reaction. Not one came. She just shuddered, her lip quivering, looking down at her body. She had her panties, that were now pulled to the side on.

Ghost Girl Chronicles- Chapter 3: Sacrifice

it fully came back. The imposter, copied my form and deceived you. I could only watch, invisible and silently as she forced you to take her. The energy released was so strong I managed to speed up my recovery and come to you now." My tears have dried and stopped running. I stand up, still naked, and walk over to Kylie. I regard her with an

Caveworms 4

The ones at mums boobs were forcing their way into her nipples, while another had completely swallowed Uncle Jeffs cock. Jenny was being fucked surprisingly hard by a rather thick one in her pussy, while the worm in her mouth disappeared down her throat. Many others slithered across her skin, and suckling on her nipples and her clit, coating her

At Age 64-My First Gay experiance

and slid out. John was just finishing Bill and I had cum as John filled my mouth. We were all satisfied so we went back to the den for another drink.I asked John how he had gotten such a large hole in his cock.John told us that as a teen he had started putting different objects inside his cock. He used anything that would fit, and over the years

Wages of sin – Part 1

him to his new colleagues was entrusted to Sarah, a drop dead gorgeous looking red head.   However, it quickly became clear to John that she was very conscious of her looks, and expected everyone to be in awe of her.   She made it clear to John that she regarded her job of introducing him to his colleagues as something that was very clearly

a night with Master

stop all of Masters cum from running out of me, then I sat down on his cock while I watched my clitty and sissy sack which was all locked up by now bouncing up and down every time I did. When master was close again he had me hop off and take his cock into my mouth again so that I could taste both of our juices one last time it was then that

Kathrine from Ecolle St Justine

shapely legs, not that any but her husband and maids had glimpsed them. She regaled Katherine with a steely stare."I think we had better start as we intend to continue," Adele informed Katherine who at five feet and eight inches tall towered over Adele, "You must call me Madam, not Aunt, and answer to the housekeeper Mrs Robbins.""As you wish

A Hard Decision

were the work trucks. Each of the core construction employees was sold their work truck for a dollar each, after all I didn’t want to have to pay extra taxes on money obtained by selling them. Over the forty-five years that I had the company I had paid myself an average of fifty thousand dollars a year. I had saved about fifteen thousand dollars

Rebuilding Faith Ch. 12

corner allowed the occupant to stand virtually outside the building for an expansive view of the lake. A few sailboats dotted the sparkling surface, creating a mobile tapestry. French doors opened onto a private deck, for use during warmer weather. Faith circled the room, touching the tasseled pink lampshades, sitting in the overstuffed chairs,

Cuckold Life Part 1

Mark held her head to calm her and told her to continue to BJ him. and he was slowly pressing her head down to his dick and when my wife bgin to submit. The minute she give in and continue to suck Mark. Both of them knew they had her in the bag. Brandon was quick to insert his dick back into her and start to fuck her in rhythm.Brandon was so

Caught and Spanked by Two Women

said Miss Swift. “Stay right there while we decide what to do with you.” And they went out leaving me standing in the middle of the hall. When they came back in they had obviously decided. “We think you must be punished for what you’ve done so you have a choice, either we telephone your parents and let them punish you or we punish you here and

A Weekend In The Country

It was focused completely on the amazing sensation of her hands on mine, mixed with the wet clay. This was the first time that we had actually touched, as at the ball last night Tish had of course worn gloves for the whole evening, and so our hands had not touched. I had held hands romantically with other girls, but I had never experienced these

The Meeting (it begins…)

our two bodies meet. I want to touch your chest – I want to feel those small, hard nipples and run my fingertips across them. My hand continues my slow trip to the collar of your shirt which I push back further and lightly caress your neck and entwine my fingers in your hair, pulling your head closer – insuring that the pleasure I am getting from

Jake's Saga - Ch. 11 - Extra Credit 3

store for him today. As the minutes past, he closed his eyes and recollected the sheer amount of sexual encounters he had in this house over the last few months, what started with a simple way to earn extra credit resulted in him having sex with five separate ladies under his teachers’ roof. Jake lay back on the bed, and let the imagery run

Awakenings Ch. 08

you?" Laughing, I said, "Too kinky? That doesn't even register on our kinky scale." "So do you wanna?" "Sure, why not." I paused for a moment and then I asked, "Isn't this going to be rammin' and jammin'?" "When I'm on top and warmed up, rammin' and jammin' is good." "Apparently I need to read a manual." "We don't have one, but we could write

Unexpected love triangle 7

pussy to accept my size. It would be a perfect fit. My cum spurted up hitting my stomach as I came and I lay there on the bed, not nearly as satisfied as I would have been if I was with Jenny. I picked up the toilet paper from the ground next to my bed and cleaned my cum off my stomach. I reached for my phone and looked at my contacts,

Miss Crystal (part 1)

I didn’t really love the mall, I guess.  I loved these beautiful, hard girls.  I would go and eat and fantasize about them using me.  Exploiting me.It makes me a little uncomfortable because I knew to an extent the reason they turned me on was because they were disadvantaged and considered a lower class often for no reason other  then their

No Emotion – No Attachment

couple years of being together. I didn’t care too much, why waste my time on a whore?It wasn’t long before I was back on the prowl. I didn’t want a relationship. I was finished with those for a while. I was looking for a bitch who would suck my dick – anywhere, anytime – a slut that I could have coiled around my finger. No emotion. No

Virginia Part 2

slide my shaft into her again, this time going deeper. After I do this for awhile, she doesn’t seem to be in as much pain, so I speed it up a little bit, not yet daring to slide my shaft all the way into her. She seems to feel more comfortable, although she still remains very passive. I decide that inching my way into her isn’t working fast

The commuter train

pants. I decide to keep my hand there and rub it a bit. After about 20 seconds of this, that feel like forever to me, I look over at her. She notices me looking her way and breaks her trance of looking at my bulge to smile at me. Now it is her turn to shift in her seat. She moves to place her back against the window and lifts a leg onto the seat.

Minding Others, part 6

left titty and her right hand reached up to her left strap.With both bra straps over her shoulders, she simultaneously shrugged, wriggled, and pulled her breasts out of their full sized cups. She dragged her bra all the way down to her waistband. I watched in amazement as her bountiful juggs swayed and jiggled from her movements.I kept imagining

Laura. a.k.a The Little Nympho.. Chapter 11.. (Babysitting Katie) Resubmitted and cut into 3 parts....

It was about half the size of the master bedroom. There was a vanity counter on the left as you walk in that was about ten foot long with a full length mirror running across the back wall behind the counter. Then there was a stall with the shitter in it that was as big as most small bathrooms. Then there was a walk in shower with four shower

Annie and Alex Ch. 01

a bit, but neither of us had fallen in love … it would have meant less time in the library. After graduation, we both found jobs in London: Annie as an advertising copywriter and I as a junior manager in the then-newly established high-tech sector. Annie and I immediately realised were just alike. We both worried about our jobs far too much. We

Seattle Mix Tape - Exposure

Oh, and I suppose a dress. Doesn’t matter what. It will be coming off the moment you arrive.” And they had, leaving me feeling exposed and off balance as I got into the passenger seat of her car.  Wisely, I didn’t inquire as to our destination. I’d found out the hard way that good girls didn’t ask.  And I wanted, very much, to be a good girl. You

Tempted Church Teens 1

she was so tight. I had to take it a little at a time, much like when she first started deep-throating me. Eventually, I got most of the way in her. It was much too tight to finger fuck her as I had been doing. I slid in and out a bit, but mostly just rubbed up against the top part of her vagina trying to stimulate her G-spot. Evidently it worked

Lisa Does What She Has To Do Part 2

final year she still had not found anyone who was prepared to pay the higher rent. Her money was running out, and the bar job she did two nights a week wasn't nearly enough to make up the difference. Working longer would take too much time away from her studying. She didn't want to leave the apartment but was getting desperate as to what she

Curve Balls

for? He wears these tight black tshirts that should be outlawed. Roach has, apparently, not told him about the ‘no tshirt’ rule and I don’t blame him. I kid you not my friends, this guy could be on the cover of Vogue. But he’s not vain. He seems really sweet and uncomplicated, always ready to help, eager to please. WOW. I know how he could please

Into the woods

like that you know. But I love you, so it seemed natural. Like masturbation. she laughed again as I went wide eyed at this admition. Yep. I masturbate about four times a week, and I bet you do too. But I wouldnt admit it to anyone else but you. Do you masturbate? Yes, I answered, still a little shell-shocked. Thought so. Do you love me? Yes, I

Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 3-5

“Yes,” he answered. “Yes, absolutely. Come upstairs. The Blue Room, I think. Yes, definitely. I’ll gather the flock.” He hesitated. “Would you like a drink?” he asked with hooded eyes.Twylla laughed in his face. “Do I look stupid, Chaz?”“No. No, definitely not. Crazy and dangerous, yes, but stupid? No.” He admired her leather-clad figure. “And

Slave for a day part 1 (revised)

of frustration made Chris take his eyes from her clean shaven, dripping pussy and look up at his wife. A look of fear on her face told him that she knew she was in trouble. You never were one to just lie still and take it, he remarked as he brought his cock back up to her face. But I think its time you learn. Chris traced the contours of his

Today My Name is Amy

named Savannah and love every minute of it. I am able to put aside a lot of money for my safe, kept in the spare tire compartment of my car’s trunk. Soon I’ll buy a new suitcase or two for my expanding wardrobe. Today my name is Donna. My military haircut is the height of fashion in this new era where men can be metrosexuals and women can be

Ariela Ch.05: Traitor

door, “This is the Good General… I think he’s the oldest mousing cat in the Palace.”Avery watched the cat with suspicion as it wandered around the room, sniffing her clothing and Atrin's armour, curious as to the odd additions to its patrol route.“He’s set in his ways a bit though,” Atrin smirked moving back towards the bed, “you could

Fervent morning

know” Jacob replies shrugging. Sly pulls Jacob towards hi and licks it. “You taste nice – stay that way” He says and pushes him aside. Jacob was flattered. The ‘bitch’ was Tina – she was getting ready for Sly - partly dressed her legs apart, her ankles bound to the legs of the chair. The rope tied deeply in her legs and around her body – mauling

First Taking Part 1

I finish the outfit with a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels in red.I go downstairs, regretting a little that I parked my car in the garage. If he’s out there watching me, he won’t see what I am wearing until I get to the parking garage. I get in my car and open the garage door. I back out, looking around, still looking for the mysterious poster.

The intruder

smiled. He held her hips and fucked her harder, his cock so deep inside her she felt she might scream, and yet still, her body responded, without her consent, her hips pushing against him, pushing her cunt back against him over and over, reaching for the next orgasm, gripping his hardness inside her as she came again and again...Abruptly he

Accidental Incest

needed it. I started to pull her back to the bed. “Dad it’s not right, please”. I said that we needed to finish what we started, and I pushed her down on the bed, climbing on top of her I shoved my hard dick back inside. She cried out for me to stop but I didn’t want to. “You like my dick, you said so, you like it, you wanted it and you got it,

Auto Erotica Ch. 06

you. There’s a common wall between the garage and the one for this building, this building even rents overflow spaces. So I ran a check and found six Reillys in the building, but only one apartment that was owned by your brother’s company. Nice place.’ He pushed past me and came in. I stayed at the door staring out. ‘Make yourself at home.’ I

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 29: ZOOphilia (Part 3)

steed. Apparently as horny as me, the zebra sidestepped, placing himself atop me. As a result, his cock was placed right before me, the head mere inches form my lips. For a split second, I wondered if I should go through with it, but then realized there was no way in hell I could resist the rock-hard equine manhood that stood before me.

For Your Dining Pleasure, Part 3

she remarked half-jokingly to no one in particular as she passed by the poolside. Checking through the pantry and the fridge, she made a list of the groceries that needed to be delivered for the week. She had awoken from the couch late and was weary but the morning sunlight seemed to perk her up a bit. Andres was completely sprawled out on the

The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 16

was told,’ Marie said in the manner of one imparting a confidence, ‘that she wants your father to see you in this state. Had you noticed the platform in the courtyard below?’ She led Constance to the window, and pointed. The raised structure of stone had a wooden platform erected upon it. This platform had rails along three of its sides, and a

Family Lessons 3 By Darklord

butt hole. As he fucked into her pussy with his dick, he began working his lubricated finger into her asshole, slowly at first, until the sphincter muscle relaxed. She groaned at the added pressure. "Ohh. Baby, baby, baby. That's right. Stick it up my ass. You know I love it there. Umm. Fuck my ass."With that, Jamey pressed his finger in all the

Her, Him Me…Part One

and her boyfriend Jack, had just got back to Nicki’s after being a friends party. We sat in her room had a smoke and drunk some more. It was one of those really humid, sweaty nights and encouraged by the vast amounts of alcohol we had consumed, Jack took his top off. He was tall and toned with shaggy fair hair and dark eyes. He insisted we

A Soldier’s Tale

totally dead people can ever do. The guy looked over at me, I was plain to see in the street lights. He started to walk towards the car, blood stained machete in his hand. I knew what he was going to do, he had no choice. I had no choice either. I raised the gun that Bob had left in his coat pocket and fired two shots right into the head of the


And I'm sure that old spook in the diner had something to do with it too. He scared me into going out there at just the right second and that thing stopped me from intervening. They wanted to be sure I saw it happen. Look, why are you fighting me on this? I need for you to believe me. There's no one else in the world who would believe

I Fucked Two of the Biggest Cocks I Have Ever Seen

closer to my pussy.With my weight fully on the cock in my bum it felt as though it was buried deep in my bowel my pussy was dripping cum, as I looked down at the other guy guiding his cock at my pussy hole.As soon as he touched the entrance to my pussy I let out a loud groan. The guy in my arse put his hands on my legs and pulled them open even

sexy secretary

put the kettle on,when the coffe was made i asked her if she wanted anything to go with it,she said" a birthday kiss would be nice",so i gave her a kiss on the lips and she then told me it was the first time she'd been kissed by a man for along time,when i asked her why she told me hadn't had a boyfriend for 5 years beacause she had to look after

A bumpy ride to camp Crystal Lake

a giant sticky mess in his pants. Soon the bus came to a halt. They had arrived at Crystal Lake. The teens got up to leave and the driver said his good-byes to each and every one as they dis-boarded. As Cindy got up Tom checked his pants. Thankfully his underpants seemed to have confined all spillage. But for Cindy she wasn't as lucky. Tom gasped

Week 4, Class 1

to Jill she said, ‘You too Jilly. You heard Jen’s dare. Get those clothes off, pronto!’ ‘OK, OK,’ Jill replied, standing up off the floor. She quickly pulled off her t-shirt exposing her full, bare breasts. ‘Whoa! No bra tonight, huh kiddo?’ Jen asked. ‘I figured it probably wouldn’t be necessary so I didn’t bother,’ Jill answered, continuing her

Rebirth in Rio

The answer is not just yes, but fuck yes!. Do I need to think thing over first?, answer is no, now!. Because this might be the ONLY opportunity, She didn’t see me for a year thus she is prone to shows her affection, She is tipsy and in good mood, and she was down in Chile for one week, so no sex ‘. Thinking to myself ‘ But how..I can’t just

A Random Guy From The Internet

which means a small breasted, petite, sneaky, blond, blindfold-loving, particularly oral and sometimes shy girl. And, yeah, married. When a chat is going well we might exchange pics. Guys who are excited by certain pics of me turn me on the most, which means a guy who likes looking at my mouth and thinking how he might feel it. This is the story

Just Two Girls

Traffic, bustle everywhere. People in every type of dress one can imagine. I wanted to go look around, they wouldn’t let us. We loaded up and headed out in minutes. We were perhaps 100 miles or so down the road, it was dusty and now getting hot when everything came to a stop. I heard the radios, and some commotion. They came back and told us we

The Bighorn Hiking Club

soon became an avid outdoor enthusiast. We had beautiful lakes in Minnesota , but the mountains had a beauty all of their own and I started doing a little hiking in the foothills. But because Joan had no interest in outdoor activities, I always went alone. These were always day hikes and I never ventured into the more-rugged areas due to lack of

Awkward Massage

later, I heard him make the sounds he makes when is about to pop. It sounded like the phone was moving around a little bit in the process,” she cried. "I just called my friends, but no one answered and I just need to be with someone right now. I hope you don't mind, Eric.""No," I replied, leaning towards her.I hugged her and she hugged me back

In the Kitchen

I hated him for it. He then inserted his finger into me and I tensed up around it. What happened next made me loath him. Teasing me he rubbed his rock hard erection all over my wetness and I ached with anticipation. He pushed the hem of my dress up over my hips and ass then I felt his member push up into me as a loud, forced moan escaped from my

Aren't you afraid? Part 4

the whelp that beat you?" he asks mockingly."She the one who hurt you?" Tawna shrieks.Tawna whips her hand out to SLAP Rey— Rey cringes back, her eyes flinching… she squeezes them shut. And nothing comes. Rey opens her eyes.Kylo Ren is holding Tawna's wrist— stopping her slap in mid air. Kylo shoves Tawna back violently."Don't you. Dare. Touch

Taming the Tease: Ch 3

shape of her huge round breasts perfectly. Being strapless it seemed to be a gravity defying miracle the way it held out her big breasts in front of her. Her shoulders were completely bare, her flawless young skin was so smooth and taut. All that hung around her neck was a delicate silver chain with a tiny matching cross that sat comfortably just

First time Pony Girl

that.” In two seconds I was back in the fitting room out of the blouse out of my bra and back into the blouse. I walked out again. I had hardly ever been out of the house without a bra but I do have good tits which are okay on their own. I guess I’ve just been a bit prudish up till now. I felt wild and exposed. The blouse covered everything but

Double Switch Ch. 03

bag bulging with his normal school books plus those he had checked out of the library, his mother told him dinner was ready, and for him and Ernest to wash up and come right downstairs. So, Frank had no opportunity to open the enticing books he had acquired. He quickly hid them under his bed, with the expectation of examining them as soon as he

Exhibitionist Sister - Chapters 4 - 6

first noticed as I began to fuck Ashley faster and her moans got louder. Alyssa perked her head up and was still.“What are you doing?” Madison asked, holding her breath.“Shhh,” Alyssa said gently. “Hold on. Listen.”Both of the girls were still. Ashley’s moans could faintly be heard over the white noise of the air conditioning. “Do you hear that?”

After School Fun

so white and shiny. We got to the power lines and we unbuckled. I leaned across the seat and started ti kiss Caroline. She reached down and started to rub my cock through my jeans. She took off her shirt, and we kept kissing. I pulled down her bra, and began to suck on her nipple. I flicked my tongue around her nipple. I pushed my seat back, and

Sam & Alicia 8

my god! I seem to have gone from a virgin to a slut in one day. Can I watch you and Alicia being fucked?”“Come here girl.”Wendy wrapped her arms around Katrina's body and kissed her on the lips. I could not tell if there was any tongue involved, but my guess is that there was. Then Wendy tugged at Katrina's towel and let it fall to the floor.

Another Chance at Love

to this afternoon’s appointment. It was my first time to see a psychiatrist and the possible repercussions were bothering me. I mean, sure, I had always been sort of regarded as ‘off-the-wall’, perhaps unconventional, maybe ‘eccentric’ even, but no one had ever called me ‘crazy’, at least to my face. For instance, I had never thought of my little

A Strange 25th Ch. 01

to catch her breath and try to calm down. She reached for the handle and opened the door as she saw Steve standing there with towels in his hand. He had already changed out of his uniform and was standing there in jeans and tight fitted T-shirt. She was shocked at how different he looked out of uniform and could feel herself getting excited

The Milf Chronicles – Holly

five inches tall with long, thick, flowing black hair, a small sculpted nose, full lips. She had a flat stomach and a narrow waist that flared out to womanly hips and shapely thighs. Her breasts were big, heavy and full, slightly torpedo-shaped, standing out proudly from her chest with only a little sag. Her nipples were dark and erect, each the

How I made my daughter an slave

as my wife was sucking my cock. I textg back and said that will work we will set it up two days after her birthday since on her birthday her boyfriend was taking her out.------ 2 day after my daughter birthday----------At 4:30pm I start to set up for the event making my daughter my slave. I start by tying my wife to our bed post and legs (our bed

The Friend

the offer is...” “Just talk,” he said, getting up. I've never actually been afraid of being raped. I guess I have always just thought that it would never happen to me. But when he stood up with an erection and walked toward me, I literally ran across my roommate's bed and jumped for the door. “Hey, what the...HEY!” He yelled. Walking outside in

My First Time (Not what you think, or is it?)

the girl on girl and girls with toys stuff arousing. OK, maybe a few other things. I really don’t find reading about sex acts all that arousing for the most part. Same for me when watching porn and I know from reading here that I am not the only guy that fast forwards to the girl on girl parts. So, I really don’t always have huge expectations in

Claudia Incarnata…Part IV

her bedroom window was of a cloudless azure sky and a sea more tranquil than any she had yet seen. It was a calm day and the cool of the night still lingered in the airy room. Her Sicilian summer wore on and with each passing day she fell more and more in love with the beauty of her new home. Indeed, Tintamare was more than a mere house, more

Purposeful Breeding

advise lasting at least an hour in bed. And do a lot of cardio in your local gym. The harder you can give it to her the more likely she will have a good response to that. For psychological reasons mainly. But I’m not a sexuologist, so this advise is really just me talking about my own experience. The psychological side of it all, I can tell you

Flights (Shen the Skald Book 1) ~ chapter 1

savior; it is what allowed him to function. If I came home now he would think it to be hours later than it was and I would have to cook for him despite it not being time to eat. I shook my head silently at his mental infirmity and allowed my feet to carry me to the town’s tavern.It did not have a name like the taverns along roads or those in

Hot Encounters (Parts 11 and 12)

along with Becca. They were older and I was assuming were Roxy and maybe Dave's late night lovers and probably his late dinner load. Then I wondered where Becca fit into all of this.My questions about Becca were soon answered. Roxy went over to Dave and the other guys laughing and flirting with them as they flirted back. Becca grabbed two beers

The Back Story On Our Relationship (Part 3)

Ewa handed the camera to Barb before she straddled my mouth and filled my belly with her ‘liquid gold.' My cock was rock hard as I licked her clean and they left me to shower, before rejoining them as they were in a passionate embrace on a chaise lounge.As they kissed and fondled each other, I poured myself another beer to sip since I was already

What About Nick? Chapter 2

me on the bed, "Good morning to you, too." I said with a slight laugh.We laid there on the bed, catching our breath.  Michelle sat up, "Thank you for such a lovely evening and an awesome start to the day," she said as she crawled out of bed, "I need to be getting home before Nick gets back from his trip."I looked back at her, "I didn't know you

Please baby. Please.

close and shoved them apart. Opening her pussy again with his right, he stuck the fingers from his left in her ass. The tight suck on his cock told him she felt it. She begged and then gave in to him. Opening, she took all of him. Coming off his cock, she stood on her knees helping him go deeper into her body. Taking his stick in her hand, she

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 04

incest. It is primarily a fantasy. Do not try this at home – and always be safe. Also, all of the characters are all over 18 and everything is completely consensual. This story is long and I will post more and more of it as time passes. I am always interested in feedback and suggestions. The musical references in the chapter titles are there to

Jazz's First Time - Max & Jazz (2nd ch)

desperately not wanting to disappoint him by cumming before he gave her permission to. "Tell me, tell me what you want. Say it babygirl." Max said as he lifted his head, his breath hot against her skin as he spoke. "Please Daddy, I need to cum, please let me cum." Jazz said half moaning frantically, a desperate edge to her voice as she spoke.

She Never Learns

fishing trip and it’s been a rare treat if he has a signal. So Juliana spends her nights trying to keep her mind off sex and watching too many episodes of Game of Thrones. Well, at least she’s been a good girl for him. Restless, but knowing she needs to sleep, she turns off her iPad, but not before looking one more time to see if he has checked

dont get caught

us were sat around discussing the fact that myself and ‘T’ were bi-sexual. As the evening wore on people came and went until eventually it was myself, T and my boyfriend left. T had had too much to drink to drive so she said she would spend the night. My boyfriend was tired so went to bed leaving me n T alone in the living room. Ever since the

Donna and some more exploits

before and one of her tits had made a bid for freedom while she was dancing. She explained that her frock had not been suitable for a bra to be worn under it, since it had no back and she is singularly proud of that piece of her anatomy. I felt it was unwise of her to buy a dress that did not accommodate a bra but didn’t say so. Apparently when

Angel Slut: Chapter One

let loose, dress the way I fantasized and let the sex-starved woman I was hiding inside of me out. There was no turning back.In school I hated my shyness and wished I had the courage to be like the girls who wore tight jeans or short skirts with tight t-shirts and had guys all over them. At lunch I heard their conversations of how they fucked so

Moms Hot Halloween Party Surprise

gonna get out of here? Mom sat up and thought for a second before coming up with a brilliant plan on the spot. You go take your father downstairs so I can sneak out without having to go past him. Ill leave a minute later and meet up with you later downstairs. Ill leave the wig here so he wont be the wiser. That made sense. Even if he somehow

My First Gangbang

how I got gangbanged and lost my virginity at the same time.Its a true story, this really happened. Please bear with me, its my first story here.It was four years ago, I was 18 years old. Still a virgin, and that really bothered me.I have long brown hair, at that time almost always in a pony tail. Brown eyes, and about 170cm tall. I have a slim

The Docter and the Intern

shoulder and pushed him into his chair. ‘Oh, you’re ready are you?’ He said kind of surprised and kind of bemused. Gia was startled for a moment. Ready for what? She wondered. What was he talking about? She shook her head. ‘You’re not ready?’ He asked. ‘You seem pretty ready to me.’ ‘Ssshh.’ Gia hushed him, leaned over him and pressed

New Mother

will be going to church” Mike informed me “You are welcome to come or wait here till our return”There seemed little point in sitting alone so I decided to join them then realised I had nothing to wear I was wearing yesterdays dress and it smelled of pussy and cum hardly something to wear to church. Cynthia noticed my dilemma “Mike goes get her

Pure Imagination Pt. 08

and I came with a loud moan. I honestly thought I’d be heard throughout the entire house, but it was such a feeling I honestly didn’t care. It was Noah’s Flood for about a minute. I stayed in there a little while longer after that. I stepped out and felt I was suddenly in a whole different world. A world of magic, pleasure, wonder… and yes, a

Our Stories: Role Play

skeptically. With that, she let her teeth very lightly bite my head. It felt so good. “Anything,” she said sexily looking into my eyes. She kissed and licked me again. To be honest, I was debating in my head how much I wanted to push her to see what anything meant. After a minute or so, I said, “Then I want you to tell me how bad you want me to

the t cheerleaders

to kiss me. Having been partially surprised I try to push her off of me. I give in as her tougn my mouth and her hand grabs the front of my pants groping my cock. She stops groping me as one of the other cheerleaders comes over, unzips pants, pulls my semi hard cock and starts to suck on it. I can feel her suck hard on the head of

Hog Wild Ch. 01

to back away from her, he found he rather liked being in this position. She continued to stare up at him. He had her trapped between his much larger body and the door. She could feel his warm breath rustling her bangs, and she licked her lips unconsciously. Alex suppressed a moan, watching her tongue slip between those plump lips. Why the hell


lingerie that I had bought Andrea; bra, panties, suspender belt, and another pair of lacy stockings. I couldn't believe my luck as I sat and admired them, my hand now gripping my cock tightly through my tracksuit bottoms. Lillian is not the most attractive woman who ever lived, but I could certainly see where Andrea got her figure. Even though

I Spanked a Hunky Boy Scout

we are meeting on Saturday.” “Er, um,” he began. His face went scarlet and I almost felt bad about humiliating him this way. “You will stay behind at the end of this meeting and I will supervise your note taking to make sure you are capable of looking after your Patrol.” “Yes Ma'm,” he sensibly responded. The meeting broke up and Steve joined


Harrow began, folding the brown paper around the contents and struggling to his feet, “I am arresting you on suspicion of possessing a class-A substance. You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.” “Get fucked!” Eric whispered from his heroic position

The Tabatha Diaries - Ch 1

go there!” a voice said in my head. It was bad enough having sexual dreams about my sister. I slipped off the stool without finishing my breakfast and grabbed my school bag too. “Hey!” said Tabatha as I pushed past her in the hallway.“Where’s my good-bye kiss, Baby?” called Mum, sounding hurt as I rushed out the front door. “I’m late, Mum.

The Woody Agency for Modeling Ch.05

out the door. When they arrived, they greeted Sandy and headed for Roger’s room. He was already there, unlocking his cabinets, putting out the different makeup he would be using. “Hello, girls, nice to see you Janna, and nice to see you again, Mary. We have to get started. This is going to be good for the agency, if you do well. I could put us on


Stephen breathed hard as he rammed me. “Fuck, I’m gonna’ cum!” he yelled out. “Oh God, Fuck me!” I screamed out using my leverage on the wall to help force my cunt over his rod. “Unh, Unh, Unh!” Stephen hummed as he slapped his body against my clit for the last time. My pussy clenched his cock tightly and held him there as my climax exploded. His

Taming the Tease Ch 8

closer to the water. The wet sand stuck to her, making parts of her body muddy.All the while the camera men were making sure they captured every second of this.As she felt the cool water hit her body, this added increased stimulus. She moaned loudly as she rubbed away at her G spot. She felt a familiar feeling come over her as she masturbated.

Beth takes a walk in the woods - REVISED AND REMASTERED

instinct new exactly what to do. She could clearly feel an orgasm approaching, having given herself several in the past. This, however, was no rushed rubbing of her clit before lights out. The creature had broken off their kiss, seeing as Beth was unable to operate her mouth and tongue at the time. He moved his head downward, until taking Beth's

Replacement Ch. 01

crumb on the table, then a thought occured to her. ‘Will I accompany you in public, and to dinners and such, my Lord?’ Fronsac hesitated a moment, then glanced at Tera and back at Merle, smiling. ‘Yes, very perceptive. It will be some time before she has taught you proper table manners and etiquette, but you will indeed serve as a Lady by my

Adventures in Florida - part two

nothing else." "You were fantastic today. You were the perfect pet. I don't mind praising you when you do well. But remember your place. Yes? You're the slave and I am the Master. Hand me the things you brought with you." She held out a gym bag she was holding. It should have some things I wanted to try tonight. I opened it and smiled. "Get up

A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 2

and forced her to look at him.  "Good night, thank you for a wonderful evening" he told her, and kissed her gently on the cheek.  "Breakfast tomorrow, I'll knock on your door at 9:00 AM."  "I'll be ready, and don't forget your camera!"  She watched him turn and walk away, and let herself into her cabin.  She smiled to herself, and was looking

Last Ride of the Dragonbride

her belly deform, her broken ribs moving with it in a way that made her groan and touch her clit. Her fingers were weak, but she rubbed it with all she had, her undamaged mind still filled with arousal, still able to feel what was happening and loving it. She watched him pull back, gasping wetly, and spread her legs a fraction for him, all she

The Return Ch. 01

sitting down and not driving. ‘I see you still drive your dads’ old car.’ ‘Yeah I couldn’t part with her.’ ‘Well she is a classic.’ ‘Yep he sure did love that car didn’t he?’ ‘Who wouldn’t love a 1971 XY Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase 3?’ ‘Yeah you’re right about that Paul.’ Thinking about my dad, I took a long swig of my beer. Only 1 hour back in Iron

What Daddy Wants

comes over this weekend then,” Daddy says and slaps me hard on the right ass cheek. I moan with pleasure at the heat and the sting. Daddy tells me to spread my legs as he pushes his cock against the opening of my pussy. The thought of Robbie fucking my ass must have made Daddy very excited, because I can feel the wetness of his precum. Daddy

Fucking Sleeping Leah .. part 1

sleeping, and that worked out perfectly. All of the pills she took were small, so was the sleeping pill, so I just threw it in her vitamin bag and acted as if nothing happened. I was delighted when she unknowingly swallowed my secret pill. I knew tonight would be great. When she was fast asleep, I crawled over to her. I knew she wasnt going to

A Fun Night With My Mom

it slowly.They got off each other and I got on top of my mom’s friend and started titty fucking her. I felt great. Then my mom’s friend sat on my dick and my mom sat on my face, I was licking my mom’s pussy, and they were kissing while I was finger my mom’s friends ass. We switched position to where I was doing my mom doggy style and her friend

Piss drinking Sister

wrong with my little sister; and with thepills, he could stop acting like some monster of a child-molesterby having his own little two (almost three then) year olddaughter suck him off every morning. Daddy figured it was betterto do THAT, than have Chrissie sick; but he still felt like someunspeakable pervert doing it. Me? While I liked

How a kind lady helped my nylon and foot fetish

I was growing up. And although not rich we had a cleaning lady who came during the week, she looked after me during the school holidays while my mum and dad were at work. I thought things might change as I got older, but they didn’t trust me to be in on my own all day, probably get into trouble or something. I was an only child, and I’ve always

Junk Drunk Doll

one day to remember when I met Arlana.Arlana was an older woman that emitted class. She wore designer clothes, was in great physical shape and a real "looker". She was about five foot six, one hundred thirty pounds, with a shapely body and a sly sexy smile.I greeted Arlana when she entered the yard and asked her what she was shopping for."Nothing


get my afternoon scotch on the rocks and talk with you when you are finished. And sir, that is a magnificent weapon you have there, what I can see of it!” And he toddled off to get his drink.Richard proceeded on, though he sensed that Edith would like to just forget it all. He added a generous amount of energy to the process and soon he came

Suzy's Daydream

the wall again, and Tom said, “Sounds like he’s getting impatient. Are you doing this or not?”“It’s not like I have much choice, do I?” I asked. He shook his head and grinned. I sighed with resignation and crawled over to the wall. Up close, I realized for the first time exactly how big this cock was. “God,” I gasped as I wrapped my fingers

The Daughter

was in her pyjamas and I was also in mine. Her pyjamas were a lot sexier than mine. All I had was a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Karen’s were a pair of shorts and a low-cut top. They looked like silk, but I don’t think they were. I come up behind her and put my arms around her waist and moved up to her tits, taking both in each hand. Knowing she

Modern Farm: Chapter 5, session #3

dick all way out Katin's throat and all way into Katin's throat again. The in and out movement is very fast. Katin can take a breath, when the cock comes out for a second. My cock is like a piston is running in and out an engine, loosing much of oil (in this cas throat slime) every in and out. Katin's gagging is ongoing and Sylvia tells me:

Taking Things In Hand Ch. 02

wasn’t one. The rest was a blur. I remember the handcuffs. I remember the tears streaming down my face. I remember a weasly little lawyer telling me something about ‘mercy of the court.’ I remember the judge talking but I don’t remember what he said. Didn’t care. There was no way to fix things now. Until your guts are completely empty you can’t

Pickup Mystery Part 2

she moaned. When his hand touched her butt cheek and squeezed she lost control and her arms went full around his neck and with a little hop she warped her legs around his waist. The feel of her body pressed to his so tightly was all it took and his hands moved to each cheek squeezed and carried some of her weight. He then headed to the back door

The Taking of Elizabeth: Chapter 1

her friend, Give me ten minutes to get ready. Raven complied, turning and leaving Elizabeths bedroom. And as soon as the door closed behind her, Elizabeth began to undress. The girl was short, only 5 feet and 2 inches. Her form was thin, but when she had down time once in a while, she would hit the gym. Her stomach was toned, and her ass was


I lost my way. Stepped off the path for a brief moment and all was quiet. All the voices inside my head had ceased to exist and I had fallen. My broken and battered spirit carried me to the corner where I now reside. I beat myself this time. Whipped and scarred…so much blood pouring from my wounds and mingling with my tears. I was bound, not by

Deep Secret Ch. 21 – Luxuriation

rarely settle for not having the last word – wise or not – so I added, ‘But, I beg to differ: Dis right here is a no class broad.’ She satisfied me with a low chortle. (Thank you, my dear, I thought.) She grabbed the remote and turned on the television. I glanced at it for a few seconds before my mind wandered. I remembered something familiar

I was seduced

request for a young woman. Her profile said she was 24. I looked at her pics but there were none of her face. She was petite and looked to have a smoking hot body. I accepted her request and we began to exchange messages. She seemed to be a really sweet girl but a little on the naughty side. She kept asking to see more of me. She said it looked

Shercock Holmes, Private Investigator..1

office. Holmes had just finished up a case where a man had been trying to cheat on his insurance. The man claimed to have been injured from a fall, to the point he couldn't walk. After weeks of tailing him, Holmes caught him chasing a woman around a motel room naked.While Holmes was gloating, a well dressed man knocked on the door. Joan opened it

Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 01

She didn’t realize that she had already asked the young man that, and he’d responded. She was so addled by carnal feelings that she wasn’t aware of what she was saying or doing. ‘Ah…yeah, Paula Wilton, like…like I said,’ Bobby replied. ‘Do…do you and she…do you make love, Bobby?’ she heard herself whisper. She had no idea why she was asking the

Back Dive Ch. 07

and his tense mind registered ‘water, water-KICK’. Then Sullivan got lucky. He reached back blindly for the water and he happened to place his hands at the perfect spot for his rotation. His hands popped a hole in the water’s surface and his body followed through before the water could close back in. Sullivan had accomplished a rare entry called

Maria, Laura, and Michelle

are playing with Michele’s clit. Laura comes hard all over my cock. The sounds Michele is making means she is close to a climax. I ask Maria to stop.Maria tells Michele to lie back down on the bed on her back. Maria asks Michele if she is ready for my cock. I roll to face Michele and kiss her. Maria is rubbing my cock. Michele is relaxed.

Degrading A Young Lady

reputation and how keeping her virginity was preventing her from finding a suitable husband. He told her that I’d been hired to solve these problems. “So, Becca, you are going to lose your virginity tonight. But you get to choose who does it. Me, your 19 year old brother Zac, or the handsome Nathan?” he told her. “Mum help me! Please help me”

Mary’s Rescue

had retreated to the Dark Ages. Typhoid, diphtheria, whooping cough, the plague, those diseases had vanished long ago. But enough of them died of wounds, died of cancer, limped from bones that were not properly set, were lame from tendons that could not be reattached. Why? She could not believe that people would do this to themselves, do it to

Deliciously Sick: The Finale

hand. He wasn't sure if this had been a dream or not, but at this point he wasn't sure if he really gave a damn. So long as he didn't wake up before he got to cum.    Terry guided his cock into his daughter's sopping pussy, providing her every pulsating inch of him. She rewarded him with a pleasant little moan. He shut his eyes, chest shuddered

Pleasant Street Ch. 06

ever so slowly, the engulfing mouth and tight lips moved back upward, until only the tip remained between her sweet lips. ‘Marya…Oh, God, Marya!’ I babbled mindlessly, ‘That feels incredible! You better stop, I’m gonna to come!’ I looked down and saw was the most erotic scene I’d ever viewed in my life. That innocent, youthful face, my cock

My best friend Kyle

two hroney teenagers rubbing our hard penises though oour boxers discribing to eachother what our ex girlfreinds where like during sex. It was really hot. Ktle said he was going to sleep, but i know he was masterbatiing and i was too. We did this all the time untill Kyle came ouy and told me he was gay. This was perfect. I am bi and always wanted

Gina Proves Her Worth and More

were willing to do for the company.""But you're giving me too much credit Keith, you're going to be there too.""As a spectator. You're the one going to do all the pussy licking and so on. You're the star of this show. She wants pussy, not a cock. If this works it's because you made it work. I should be hearing from him soon."At that point, my

!!! Bitchs Slutty Genes !!! Ch 03

got upset and left to her room.I told Nicole “I’ll take a shower and go out till she leaves to Iasi, text me when she leaves.“Sometimes she is unbearable,” I added.Nicole replied, “Sure love, you are absolutely right, I understand.”I took my shower, got dressed and left even without breakfast and I took lunch outside. Nicole text me around 5 pm,

Seducing Uncle Frank

dress. An imposter, a pervert, desperate to be noticed, and everyone laughing at you.Fuck, (as I shook my head) more Dutch courage was required. I went down stairs, raided the drinks cabinet, again. Knocked back another brandy, gave myself a good talking to, and proceeded to get things ready for Uncle Frank's arrival home. The drinks cabinet

Hot Fever

Orgasm after orgasm hits me. With a devilish smile he captures my lips tasting myself on his tongue on his lips. Getting up he undresses. I helping with his pants. Kissing his chest nibbling, biting as I stroke his cock with my hand. Placing his head in my mouth and twirling my tongue around his head. Feeling his hands in my hair as his moans

Prince Bonir Vol. 04

among them, took the high road and attempted to charm with beauty, wit, and grace. I had to admit that my sister truly shone in this, the arena for which she had been trained since birth. Had she not been my sister I would have said she was quite attractive in her ball gown, and she was both light of foot and skilled of tongue. For a time some of

The Secrets of Brinkley Ridge

his core that such a cut glass accent could utter such a word from such an exquisitely painted mouth. “Erm, we’ve… erm… we’ve together a few weeks, on and off.” “I see, on and off sounds typical of her. Tell me, is she a good fuck?” He felt it again, another reeling blow; he had to work hard to keep himself together. “What? Erm, I suppose.” His

Good Times At Cheddar High: Part Three

her outstretched tongue. The taste of cum seemed to please her, but her eye burned as she tried to rub away the stinging sensation. All of a sudden, Alice burst out laughing. This wasn't a mocking laugh, or a chuckle, or a snicker, but a full blown belly laugh. Preparing to enroll in the Witness Protection Program and go underground, I asked,

Auntie Mabel Ch. 23

began to finger her mum’s cunt faster and deeper, as she sucked harder on her breast. Sue found herself opening her legs for her daughter’s fingers. ‘You’re going to make me come if you keep on young lady,’ Sue gasped. ‘Oh no mum, I owe you a licking, you licked my cunt until I came over your face. Now its my turn,’ Jane pulled her mum’s

The Photo Shoot

I pleaded. “It’s that way.” He said as he pointed and then chuckled. “I am so sorry,” he continued trying not to laugh. “Let me show you….” He said as he followed me down the hallway. I stormed into the bathroom but I wasn’t exactly upset, instead I was frustrated… sexually. He followed me mumbling. “There are towels.” He stuttered. “Under here.”

My Secretary Rebecca, Chapter 1

I am. But I was wondering if you'd like to go as well. I would like to have my secretary there - it is, after all a business trip." he said, cautiously."Really? Oh, Michael! Oh, I would love to go to Hawaii with you!" she said excitedly."You would?" he said, surprised that she was so agreeable to the idea."Of course! I have never been to Hawaii,

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 04

got up and left. He is quite nice… for a principle. ~*~ Lilliahna ~*~ After chatting to the others for a little while I decided it was time for me to head home and see what my parents wanted to talk to me about. Zac said he would walk me home so we said goodbye and set off. ‘Baby, we haven’t really talked about it, how are you going? You know,

Laura, a.k.a. The little Nympho.. Chapter 10.. (School Starts Again)

I rubbed the rag across her ass again and ran it down her left leg. And then back up the inside of her left thigh. This time I pushed the rag up between her ass cheeks and into her quivering little pussy. When I did, she let out a long low moan and put her fore head against the wall. She spread her legs a little wider and jutted her ass

Target Practice

of the firm bottoms of the girls. He walked over them and shot a bullet in each girl's pussy to finish them off. The boy removed the four girls and placed them on top of the others. A pile of 12 dead girls laid beside them. The girls had all aged 16 to 21, their once first breasts filled with bullets, their tight cunts and asses ripped apart.


and back." "Glad you liked it," I say, "you took it all." "Wow, farewell virginity." we cuddle some more in the bath tub. My cock erect again when I stand up to get a towel. When I want to put the second leg out of the bath she grabs my toy with both hands. "I have to practise," she laughs. She already opens her mouth. Just when she starts to

A New Discovery

were slightly pulled apart, leaving a handful of gaps to the outside clear view of the street. I turned up the air con temperature in my room, as I try to recover from my first lesbian dream…‘Goshh!! What the fuck was that? Did it really happen?’ I spoke to myself silently in my room, touching my lips.I sat up onto my bed, hugging my pillow

A Beautiful Wish Chp. 3: First Fantasy

days of his life, in which he had been picked on, scolded, beaten up, and humiliated, sprung a new day that had quickly become the most joyous he had ever experienced.  He had found a magical Persian tar.  When played correctly, it unleashed the essence of a sexual genie servant who was bonded to him for life.  He had named her Dawn, after her

Cousins in Lust

dragged Dina with her. Every year our extended f****y tries to get together for a weekend. The entire time she was there she said my high school graduation pic became an object of obsession. At 29 I looked more like 24 or less and kept in shape. She was as deep into this lustful wanting as me. It was December that our indescribable chat sex

TSINF 8.3 - The Deal 3

they rose their finger higher until they finally reached her now erect nipple. Whoever the person was they put her hardened nipple in between their finger and thumb. They lightly squeezed her nipple and equally lightly twisted her nipple. First one way and the next. Steph wanted to moan with the person who was playing with her nipple. She had to

A Villain's Tale: May

She was leaning forward and brushing up her eyebrows, with no clue as to what's about to happen."You can do this Chase, she's not going to see you and nothings going to go bad." I thought, reassuring myself that nothing will be linked back to me.I took a step, hesitantly, towards her. I checked out all the remaining details, I look told me she

The Valedictorian Part One

the back of my neck. Chill bumps exploded on my skin. His hands went down my arms, now to my side, and then grabbed my stomach and then finally worked up to my chest. My shoulder straps went loose as he cupped them and the overflow from his hands made the fabric displace and the shoulder straps fall down my arms. When he released my breasts came

If Only… The Ending

around. She had some interesting conversations with locals when she stopped for lunch and they gave her an excellent tip about a local park with some beautiful waterfalls. By the time she stopped to grab a few groceries for breakfast the next morning, she was noticeably more relaxed and looking forward to an early night for the first time in over

My girlfriend's little sister retold

her hand in to pull out my cock. At that moment her mom walked by and knocked on the door."Jessica, is Angel here yet? Its, almost 8:00""Yes mom, hes outside!" She yelled out, while staring at my hard, throbbing, fully erected dick that was in her hands, 3 inches away from her face. I had to quickly get up, shove my dick back in my pants, and

My Hottie Aunt Sujatha

was still sleeping very innocently like a beautiful doll. By swear this was my first time when I saw someone in this pose. As looking her ass I fell in love with her. Her ass was huge and nicely shaped and its lining was 10 inches long extended from her waist ring to pussy. I was little surprised to see her clean & smooth ass. It seemed that she

Helping Her Stretch out Part II

thigh and back over her pussy. She looked Jasmine in the eye as she slowly slid her finger down over the girl's swollen pussy lips. Jasmine let out a loud moan as she pushed her pussy into Tia's finger. "Is that what you wanted you dirty little girl," Tia groaned at her, as she moved the tip of her finger to Jasmine's entrance. Jasmine closed her

Angela and Bruiser 3

her face but couldnt manage to say anything other than Oh noooo. Looks like fun I said as I took Angela and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, delving my tongue into that sweat mouth of hers. Can I join in? I asked. Angela whooped with joy Yes please she shouted. I quickly removed all my clothing and knelt in front of Karen, pointing my cock

Silent Night…

all, he just kept pumping his hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. He could hear the sloshing sounds that their bodies made when he was pumping. All of a sudden, Rick decided to fuck her in her ass. He put his wet cock inside her ass and started shoving in and out of her. He wasnt being easy at all, because the more he thought about her being

Busted With My Online Porn 11

it was the same person in the reflection. When I shook my head as I had been doing so much recently I gave up on making sense of it. Donna’s moisture was all over my beard. I washed my face and went back to Renee.“Thank you for being such a sweetheart, Allen. I know you’re not really attracted to Donna, but this works for all of us!” Renee said.I


those like you find at Victoria Secret's. It had little rose flower prints all over it and lace trim along the collar and around the bottom. So I figured, "What the Hell, at least it'll be better then wearing a towel." I wrapped it around me tightly and tied a double knot to keep me very secure. When I returned to the living room, my guests had

Like a Good Neighbor

women that I have ever been with are receptive to this. Only two would not allow the kiss, or even my after action eating of their pussy.When I brought my mouth to Mo’s, she hungrily accepted my offering. She sucked my tongue in her mouth, then licked my face and lips. As she did this, my ¾ hard cock slipped back inside her. It felt so hot and

Eleanor Ch. 12

memories flooding him once more as that voice had cursed him to hell as its owner was dragged from the road, the sadness overwhelming, he went limp in his own hand and slowly turned from the body of the Viking’s female, fear of the apparition behind him growing as he saw the first rays of dawn shimmering the reflections of the water across her

Forever of the Wood (Part One of Two)

that she set foot on the trail, a feeling of deja vu swept over Kia. A few steps later, she realized that the feeling wasn’t really that she’d been here before, but rather that it had the same magical feeling as the woods next to her house. She found it a bit strange, because old growth pine dominated the woods, leaving the ground mostly a carpet

Dressed To Kill Ch. 14

decided she should get up and help Prue serve the beautiful platters of quiche, sliders, sandwiches and cakes. It was a good excuse to take a rest from the cocktails, especially as Steph and Jeanette had moved to Jaeger bombs and Cock Sucking Cowboy shooters. They just looked a little too dangerous for Noella. ‘There’s some cupcakes in the

Suspended ! Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Part Two…

spreading your legs wide and securing them so you cannot move. I then attach the cabling and the electric hoist which lifts and holds you horizontally, about a metre off the surface of the bed.You are totally available now and unable to do anything except take the pleasure about to be meted out to you. You realize you cannot move any part of your

Eve Tastes a Second Apple

young girl blushes when her secret feelings towards someone have been revealed. The idea of John making love to her washed over her.A second thought assaulted her. Making love to John. Blood rushed to her face. The crimson color of her skin became a scarlet letter of sorts. She had just committed adultery in her heart and all they were doing was

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 56: Pounded at the Pound (Part 3)

to care for two dogs. However, that was irrelevant, because I was not actually going to adopt the two large German Shepherds. No matter how much I wanted to, my landlord would never allow me to have a dog, let alone two. But that did not mean I could not have a little fun.“Of course,” finally said the woman as she unlocked the cage door. As soon

What Katie Did Next

a teenager and she had cried for weeks, swearing to never again cut it so short. It now fell to the middle of her back although she had had it thinned out a month ago. She stared at the white, satin blouse. She had dressed carefully that morning, ready for another Sunday morning in church. The collar ties had been slowly tied and the blouse

Take Me, Take Me Now! Chapter 5: Restraint and Discovery

smiled, a very wicked smile, as he pulled her forward and caressed the sturdy contraption lightly. Brushing the padded kneeler he continued, "I want you to know, I made this only for you, all by myself."Marie found her heart beating just a little faster as she took in the ‘contraption’ directly before her. The base of the kneeler, that is what


up and down my throbbing cock and said, "Fuck her good, fuck her in the ass for me." The KY gel did its job and my cock started to spread the ring of her asshole open and with some difficulty, my cock started to penetrate the big ass. Carolyn had been silent until now, "OHHH.....THAT's BIGGGG......DAMN......EEEASY.....NOT TOO

The Lady and the Tramp (2)

her tramp lover. Wearing just flat shoes and a stupid lopsided grin, the Vicar's wife let herself go, to become the harlot, the, yes slut, that she could be only on a Thursday while her dear husband was at one of his two other parishes. Jed soon removed his hands and with a solid thrust, filled the little blond lady with a big purple headed

Neighbor kids, part 4

see my rock hard cock? The kids giggled as they looked at my cock. Susie then surprised me when she started to gently stroke my cock. Oh, her hands were like velvet! I couldnt resist the urge this time. I had wanted to taste their sweaty bodies before and this time I leaned over while Susie was stroking me and licked her salty arm. Very tasty!

Girlyboy Gone Wild – Part Four

want you to feel my hard nipples without my bra on.’I held my arms out while Dan unsnapped my white cotton bra and I took it off. I was now just wearing my white girl’s tennis sneakers, knee socks and panties. My sexy school girl outfit had made me feel so young. And now being stripped out of it one piece at a time was thrilling. I had gotten to

A desperate woman

future series. I was asking for more "nude flesh" too. My mother started to ask me after a week what had happened but I lied to her that I hadn't checked. I told her that we could check together and explained her that she shouldn't get disappointed if the comments were not good. As soon as she saw the results she started to smile. I had tried

Mid Afternoon Text

flip of my dark blonde hair and the burn of my bright green eyes did just the trick. As I tried to quickly clean the apartment the familiar ding of an incoming text rang in my ears. “Just pulled up,” glowed his words from the screen. In what seemed like nanoseconds, the knock came at my door and for one brief second I stood behind it, trying to

A Matter of Forgiveness

God. Then my little house was sold, and I went to a living center where there would be more therapy. I was only 25 years old, trapped in a wheelchair. One leg tingled from time to time, the left fingers were usable but my arm had to be strapped up to work the controls. I had wept for hours when they finally told me what had happened, the two

magic of wolfords

i walked her to the door and said goodnight. She then asked if i wanted to see her new pantyhose on her..I fixed drinks for us while she went to change. When she came out my jaw hit the floor. she had on the pantyhose and a black lacey bra…thats it. she came over to where i was sitting and put her foot up on my knee. I rubbed her foot,legs and

Learning the Lifestyle Pt 17 - Bad Day Sex

again hard and fast. This time as he felt her near he growled, “Beg for what you want slave.”Silk was almost out of her mind so it took a lot of control to speak, “Please Master,” she panted. “Please let me come.”Michael liked her panting. Pounding into her even harder he said, “Come now slave,” and felt her explode.After her orgasm lessened

My wife on the porch part twenty two

through the dress when the sunlight shone through it and she loved the attention that she got. She tells me that I have given her a new outlook on her body and she now loves to show it off and she tells me that she loves doing what I tell her to do, even if it is very revealing and daring, the more daring, the more she loves it. One Saturday

Having My Way...Part18

clamps to the other was on the outside of the other chain so when I moved, it pulled the clamps on my nipples and I could feel the teeth bite into my tender flesh. He added a vibrator in my ass and one little one fastened to my clit. His cock was inside me, finally, and he was fucking me so slow and deliberately that I wanted to scream. I could

Toman of the Cherokee 20

control while you guard the village."Morgana started to open her mouth to speak then snapped it closed. She was lucky to still be alive, if it was that important to them then who was she to argue?"I will do what I can," Morgana said after a few moments."It is my hope that you do far more than that," a voice said behind Morgana startling her. "As

Saving Leslie Pt. 04

That all gets injected into the persons’ system. By the way, our bodies aren’t meant to handle gasoline.’ ‘Obviously.’ Leslie spit up a little in her mouth. ‘All that to get high? He looked like the walking dead.’ ‘He is. Brain damage, liver damage. It all adds up. Everyone copes with life in a different way.’ She patted her leg reassuringly.

First Time Fling

on the grass. Johnny went up to the door and opened the mailbox, he only glanced at the mail before he dropped it in a pile in front of him. He was staring at one long yellow envelope in his hands. I went over to him and looked at the envelope in question. It had a United States Government seal on it and as Johnny took the letter out of the

You cum, hard.

as I push my body forwards and upwards. Our faces now almost touch, our chests just touch, your nipple piercing against my t-shirt, before I lean in further and peck you on the lips, before kissing you deeper, your arms wrapped round my neck and shoulders, holding me close to you.My hands now slide up over your back, tracing an invisible line

Granny Angie pt 2

the same strapon , that Granny had used on NIna earier. Nina was asslicking her daughter's butt . Betty was moaning with pleasure as her mom/sexslave used her magic tongue . Granny Angie was screaming in pain & ecstasy . Joyce was now giving her son head as he continued his latest lesbian money making venture , They were gonna love this in

My wife on the porch part eighteen

had a couple of glasses of wine and around eight o’clock she seductively said,“I don’t know about my two studs but I am horny,” she smiled as she stood up and continued, "okay, you pair, are you ready for some sexy fun?”“Yes ma’am,” Marcus replied as he stood up and I could see a bulge in his shorts as he walked to the stairs quickly followed by

To Russia With Lust: Chapter Seven

what you think!’’I see, so your fingers aren’t in Emm’s arse, it’s an illusion, and no doubt her slutty dripping cunt is all in my mind?’Emm giggled.’She is so sexy, it’s not fair that we can’t play, Pix!’This was not helping my temper.’So what the fuck is going on? And stop fingering her arse.’’In which case, I don’t know how we are going to get

Mayor's Young Chief of Staff

fingers into her wet pussy.April could feel my hard cock pressing aganist her. I was fingering her hard, while rubbing my thumb on her clit. She started, to involuntarly, gyrate her hips in my hand. She could feel herself getting close to an orgasm, suddenly I stopped pulling my hand away from her pussy. I spun her around to face me. I pushed her

Impromptu Attraction Ch. 04

shiver. She reached down to remove the rest of her clothes, and this time was met with no resistance. They were both lying naked on the bed, Julia still enjoying Ben’s tongue playing across her nipples. She reached for his stiffening member, rubbing her fingers along his shaft. He responded by moving his hands over her skin, making his way down

She Cums from Away (The Hand Job Series)

drinks. If there was chemistry, invite my date home for another drink. Step one was in place, but it turned out that Rose never drank anything stronger than coffee. In my mind this didn’t bode well. I assumed a virgin would need something to loosen her inhibitions. Surprisingly just about when we seemed to run out of things to say, Rose willingly


face. I knew it was time. I stepped directly in front of him, then sat on his lap. The movie was coming to an end. He appeared to not have any idea what to do with me. His hand wrapped around the back of my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. His lips crushed mine in a heated twist of open mouths and silky tongues. Once I broke the kiss, his hands

A New Job - Chapter 4

dear, I think I left my phone in the toilet, I’ll go get it, don’t wait for me, go on ahead,” Abigail said, opening the door. “That’s ok, I’ll wait for you,” Michael replied, still worried. “No, I think you go on ahead, I’ll get a cab home, don’t worry about it,” Abigail said, putting one foot out. “Are you sure? I don’t mind waiting,” Michael

Alex's first time with an older man

caressed Alex’s cock with his tongue. He easily deep throated Alex’s entire cock to the point where Alex was about to burst. Ben seemed to sense that as he removed Alex’s meat from his mouth and requested that he try the same on him. Ben slipped off his jeans and lay across the bed giving Alex the best angle at his cock. Alex looked at it for

And Her Sister Makes Three

other after he fucks us.”Carrie said, “That’s a deal.”I started pumping into her for real. It felt good and I really wanted to cum. Actually I wanted to watch my wife lick my cum out of her sister’s pussy. When it started to flow it did so in forceful spurts. I filled my pretty sister-in-law until it started to pour out.As soon as I rolled off

MILF gives in

here with their tight bottoms walking around surely you don’t find mine as being nice.” Then he began to walk towards me with those blues eyes staring into mine. I was frozen and my heart was about to beat through my chest. “Mrs. Johnson,” he said as he placed a hand on each of my hips and pulled me to him, “ I think you are the hottest thing

first mature

to let me feel there points, again all the time then camera was going off I was zooming in and out, of her tongue action as it licked my cover ball sack, onto her nails as she caressed my shaft and one perfect shot as with her tongue extended and nails on my cock she looked up at me straight at the camera, I was ready to burst.She said step back,

The Writer’s Block

you, Mark. I know you did not harbor such desires. You are probably wondering: why me, then? Why not some tranny? Well, at least now you know how difficult it is to transform a man. Yes, it is possible, as you can now so obviously tell. But without my powers, your internal organs would explode and you could as well land in 1944. Do you know what

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 06

feet bound at the ankles by similar collar and chain arrangements, that made them shuffle like geishas. Then, by common consent, we agreed that no arrangement that kept their legs closed made sense, so they were converted into tables and impromptu shot glasses, and we drank vodka, tequila and their juices until the bottles were dry (though not

Sis and Friends

tasted it for the first time. She rolled the sticky gob around on her tongue for a long moment, savoring the salty musk. She decided it didn’t taste so horrible, contrary to everything she’d heard about it from the other girls at school.“Did I do it right?” she asked him, as he got down off her bed.“Perfect.” He smiled at her. “How do you

The Perfect Evening with the Perfect Girl

because this pizza, very cold, is not hitting the spot.” She frowned at the slice of pizza, slightly soggy from the oil. She flopped it around and we laughed as one of the pepperoni fell off onto the floor.“If they’d let us leave, we’d be at Five Guys, no doubt. I could get us there in, like, 5 minutes.” I said, looking over at her to find her

A Troubled Mind

to my horror by the man’s slobbering mouth, forcing his tongue between my lips. As if that was not bad enough his hand took hold of my right breasts and he squeezed it, hard, before rolling my nipple between his thumb and fingers. I struggled and fought but the friction of my body against his seemed to heighten his lust as really only my hips and

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 3 Re-Issued

woman. She's the entertainment and believe me what I saw of her, she knows how to entertain all by herself.” Jason answered with a big smile. It's a good thing you came when you did. I was about to lock up and get in on some of that entertainment, myself.” Jason walked over to the door and locked it. He turned the sign around so that

Lust Relief Dorm – Chapter 3

noises of the students fucking in the corridors. For a moment he thought about opening the door and asking Hannah if she wanted to go home, but the moment he thought of that, he heard one of the outside couples banging against their door. Noah swallowed. If he opened the door, he would come face to face with a young woman who was bent over

Slutty Lynn and her Son

just as Lynn yells out "I'm cuumming." I shoot my hot sticky seed deep inside her, we both drop to the floor weak from the orgasm.Brian went out to the living room, I went and got couple of beers from the fridge and Lynn and I lie there and I asked her what she thought of the day. she said that it was fantastic and wanted to know what other nasty

Little Mel II: The Cheerleader.

cunt as hard as I could until I was about to cum, again. I then dropped her legs from my shoulders and fell on top of her torso. Mel quickly wrapped her legs around my hips. We tightly hugged as I slammed my cock against her cervix and pumped my load of cum deep into her core. We cuddled a short time before dozing off to sleep, my slowly

Late Night Munchies

grasps his hand, bringing his fingers to her mouth. Her tongue snaked past her lips and she lapped up the creamy like substance. Khaal looks at her with wide, sultry eyes. Oh my… He moans quietly, biting his lip as his fingers are suckled upon. We may not have to use the shower after all… Akelta purred, gave his finger a small peck, staring up at

Karinas love of cock

to divert his attentions. Kneeling next to him, on all fours, Karina is sucking on his meat, keeping her cunt within easy reach. Karina enjoys herself, diving for the head, sliding her moist tongue around his helmet, lathering as she travels. She pulls his foreskin taut before engulfing his member in a complete, moist stroke. In return, Riley’s

Charity glory hole

Jaq and myself were bouncing ideas off one another but nothing very original. The usual things were being done, such as  tombola stalls and raffles, though they were raising a little bit of money but nothing significant.We attend the club on a fairly frequent basis, two or maybe three times a month, sometimes just to socialise and others to

Denise. Part 2

put her down. While she was bathing Carly we talked. She said she had mentioned to one of her friends about having anal sex.She said her friend had never tried it. Her friend said, " I can't believe you did that. Did it hurt?" She told her that it felt different and it may have hurt a little at first, but she liked it. Her friend had said "I

The Change

to last long with this girl. Thankfully she didn’t stay down long, but when she finally looked up at him he wanted her even more. Seeing the tears in her eyes from taking him in. He loved this girl with all his heart, but all he could think about was fucking her and cumming on that pretty face of hers. He gently grabbed her arms and pulled her

Winter Fixer Upper 2

I won’t lie, I hope it happens again.”I asked, “Really?” “Oh god yes. I told you my one fantasy is to swing, and who better than to swing with, then people you trust and love too. Christ, I am turned on now just thinking about kissing Mary and us playing with her nipples.”“Well, I have to admit, it did turn me on too, but I wonder what they are

Days Forgotten but Not Lost Ch. 06

wait to see how they turn out,’ I said as we walked back to the car. ‘How long do I have to wait?’ ‘I… I used to develop the film myself. But I don’t have a room that would work for that anymore. I think I still know a guy I would trust to do it for me, though. Maybe a few days?’ ‘Perhaps one of my upstairs rooms would work,’ I offered. ‘All I

Christmas Overload

just the cake. It was after nine, and Joyce didn’t even have a tree yet. Well, she’d see about a tree on the way home to get whatever Ms. Barden needed for her cake. ‘What do you need, Ms. Barden? I’ll bring it to you if I can find it at home.’ ‘Flour and sugar mainly. And maybe a few eggs. Oh, and do you happen to have any vanilla?’ ‘I think I

Painless Love Chapter 4

angry and pissed off with me? Damn her for it! What is she thinking? That she is my All Girl Guide to Dating? Well, she is regrettably wrong this time around!“Perhaps tell him that I am already seeing someone else.” Who is inexistent, mind you! There is more Hollywood and celebrity following-up and receptionist work to do here. I am pretty nasty

Doctors Office

coat and unbuttoned his shirt. A light covering of hair on his chest was appealing but not nearly as appealing as the older doctors furry mass. They changed places and the young doctors cock met my pussy. It slid ineasily but his length soon found the bottom of my pussy and pounded me hard. I grimaced while the young hard cock banged my pussy but

My Sneaky Wife...

off the rest of the way so I could spread my legs more and he could have full access to my cock and balls. He scooted up on the bed all the way and I realized I was nose to head with his nice cock. I nervously reached over to it and began to fondle and jack him slowly. This wasn't the first time since my teen years I had another man's cock in my

Mirror, Mirror

where she was also doing the washing up. Behind her stood a man, Paul her husband, we guessed, as we had not met him due to his work commitments that week. He was staring straight back at us, smiling and was massaging Dianne’s substantial tits through her thin blouse. From where we stood we could see him say something to Dianne, and then she

Roxy The Cheerleader

she felt the urge to connect with him right then and there. She wanted and needed him. Drawn together as if powered by magnetic force, the two locked lips, setting the tone for an evening of electrifying sexual intimacy. Roxy was completely unconcerned about messing up her lipstick as she opened her mouth, signaling to Michael she wanted his

Lady in Red Pt. 02 Ch. 17

quite irritated when he was stopped by a TV reporter as he made his way through the airport. ‘Can you shed any light on these ethics violation accusations? What exactly is Gwen Anderson being accused of? Can you tell us that much?’ ‘I can explain a few things,’ replied Steve with a seemingly calm demeanor. ‘There are certain members of Congress

Family Adventures

they have to be good in bed." she replied. She got up and went straight to the kitchen to get a beer. I wanted something to eat, so I went with her.I grabbed myself a doughnut and began devouring it. Bridget opened the frig and took out a beer. She opened the can of beer and started to drink. I decided to walk back to the living room when I

The Drifter Ch. 3

another dust bowl coming...who knows? I was lucky to get as much hay as I did, but it ain’t enough. That barn used to be filled to the rafters. Now I have to buy more and I’ll be broke again.”“It will get better,” Lilian said. “We just have to have faith.”He didn’t say anything, but shook his head at her, then turned to Carla, “You make sure you

Diaries of Ceres and Taliya: Part Seven

scared to the point of almost freaking out.   She said I had ten minutes, yet here she is at the front door, it’s four minutes until two in the afternoon, and I’m not in my place for my afternoon spanking, my pussy shaved and oiled like it was supposed to be.   If I had three more minutes I could have done it.   If.   ‘If wishes were horses

A Cliched Valentine’s Massacre

in a relationship with a ‘Sweet and lovely’ lad for a while. So N&G are all smiles. And then it’s my turn. ‘I’m happy.’ I replied, smiling sweetly. ‘You’re lonely.’ N&G retort. ‘You won’t get any cards….’ And a smug smile turned the corners of my mouth up, and they – for once – decided to let it slide. Tuesday morning arrives, and I’m off to

Second Chance Ch. 12

have to go sign papers in Jason’s office and from that point on we ARE married. I took your virginity – the law still applies. Look at the bright side though – I can take better care of Scott so he’ll leave you alone and you get to come back to my bed.’ Jerry told her, and then walked off with Jason and Jared. ‘But I didn’t want to trap

The Alpha bet Ch. 05

‘Looks like, he has a way with words.’ she grinned ironically. ‘I’m glad you’re on his side.’ he replied. ‘Well, I can’t help to say, I told you so.’ she frowned. ‘Let’s get this over with then.’ he sighed. He backed up out the driveway, and drove off to the Casino. ********** They remained silent during the whole trip, trying to forget

Miss Emma Rose

in someone’s mouth. I looked up into his eyes as I circled his head with my tongue. The anticipation was making him quietly whimper. When I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could he threw his head back and moaned loudly. Nikolas held my hair out of his was as he watched me continue to work his throbbing member. I lapped at his pre-cum as


kissing me and pulling off my cloths. I then felt myself fall back on the bed and she was right on top of me. I just gave into her and was enjoying her attention. She had undressed as well and straddled my face and I started kissing her. I felt hands on my bottom again and soon my boss was pounding my pussy again. It didn't take Helen long to

A Gothic Love

lip. He wanted her to finish before he came. She shivered against him, making quiet noises, completely lost in the electricity as she came. He thrust into her, keeping a steady pace and loving the feel of her. He moaneddeeply, spurting his seed as his own orgasm overcame him. She shuddered and panted, gripping his shoulders, loosening her

Sweet Seduction

letting my mind wonder. Then I thought about that girl. You know that one girl that just the thought of her makes you get ‘ideas’, at that moment I knew what I was gonna do for the next 3 hours. I went to the front door to make sure everyone was gone and my mom had not come back because she forgot something. Everyone was gone, the house was still

The Prosecutor’s Office

feel bad for them when they fall. The way I see it, the weak deserve their fate. For the record, I hate both sexes equally. I can’t stand the bulk of humanity. That’s why I love my dogs Marquis and Lucky so much. They’re two large brown mutts. I treat them like my own sons. I work for the district attorney’s office in the city of Boston. I’m one

Hanna gets dogged part 2

when I swallowed Deans cum I spat his cock out and said "enough"Dean tried to get up but I held him in place as I didn't want anyone to see my face so he just turned and told the guy fucking me that he was the last one, there were several moans and complaints but it appeared that every guy had managed to do me at least once as I didn't hear


There was only one flower on the plant and it was oval in shape, and concave, shaped like a rugby ball cut in half but about the size of a tennis ball. Inside the flower were hundreds of coloured stamen, all swaying about inside the flower like they were in a breeze. Isla again put the plant between Ellies legs at the base of the table, the pot

Stormy Weather II, A Love Story

readers, you should read that story before this one. Just like any other couple, they have had their share of domestic problems, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Except for one thing, storms, Sandy is still terrified during thunder and lightning storms, and John still cuddles her and soothes her during these difficult times. John has done

Punished For Spying. Part 2

before she turned around to face him."I am thankful you were able to clear your schedule," she said in a soft musical voice and a slight bow.Tom was unable to move or speak and he just stared at the vision before him. She didn't look or even sound like his sister and his body reacted to the sight of her costume and the scent of her perfume. There

Sex Trafficking: Part 8: Carla and Sam’s Sunday Chores

was a little sorrowful that it would end. He withdrew from her, slid her back on the bench, and lowered himself to collapse against her with his hands around her waist and hips. She slowly opened her eyes, let things come into focus, and waited until he moved off her to sit on the bench beside her. Leaning over, she kissed him on the mouth and

A Tale of 2 Nerds - Chapter 2

moving her head to take every single inch in her mouth, moving her head up and down very slowly. I moaned softly as she moved, placing my hand on her head to make her move a little faster."Oh shit, Julie … This is amazing …" I moaned, pushing down on her head to have her take it all in again, holding her head there for a moment. She looked up at

Another Year at St Cat’s Ch. 02

dry brown leaves that littered the lawn beneath his window. It was starting to look untidy out there. He made a mental note to have to have a word with the head gardener the next time he saw him. He bent down and took his mobile phone out of his briefcase, his thumb stroking the touch-sensitive screen until he found the name he was looking for.

Wake Up Surprise

grey haze of the sky, casting rays of golden yellow over the hill as she pulled into the drive way. She killed the ignition and sat back closing her eyes and enjoyed the silence. It took a few seconds to will her body to move before she climbed out of the cab of the old Chevy. With every step she felt as though her legs were turning into stone,

daughters idea

down and put her mouth around my dick and sucked it for a second. I moaned and Sara stood up with tears in her eyes. Do you like fucking your daughter? I looked at her naked body and kissed her mouth, and we made out for a second. I felt my dick get a chubby and I felt my daughter stick her tounge in my mouth. It was just like a fantasy I had,

Twins Apart Ch. 1

chair where her mother sat and helped her mother up. Her mother stood up shakily and brushed her own tears off with the back of her hand and gave Shaunny a brave smile. ‘Everything’s going be alright now. I just know it… Shane’s finally home’. As Shaunny and her mother walked hand in hand towards the limo, a stout middle-aged man got out from the

Womankind According To One Man

cool and we had a lot of the same interests. Black literature. Black culture. All Black everything. Including Black Love. I thought we were a good match because we liked the same things. I asked Jessica out and we went to see the movie Think Like A Man in theaters. I had a nice time with her, but it was indeed the first and last time we went out

White Couple 1st BBC

on the couch smoking & talking. I made 1stmove taking her shirt off to reveal her percky tits & VS boy shorts. I watched his dick grow instantly. I told him to pull it out. He dropped his bball shorts & boxers to show his BBC. We both stared. She said he had doubled since the 1st time & was scared. It was 10? long and fat. Looked like an air

Unwanted attention - Chapter 15

around my eyes. They made sure I couldn’t see anything and then swam away leaving me in the middle of the pool. I started searching around as we screamed out “Marco!” “Polo” and so on… I wasn’t catching anyone so they started swimming closer around me, sometimes bumping into me and then quickly getting away before I could reach out to grab


wow it was potent! A short time later Macy comes out of th3 restroom and I almost fell over! Damn! She was hot!!! Shoulder length dark brown hair, full appEmail sized firm ass tits tight ass and a fucking pull over top knee high one piece near sheer night! OMG! Within 20 minutes we were butt naked in my own bed and my dick was hard! I coul do nt

The One Who Got Away Ch. 1

feelings be known. Daniel didn’t know why exactly he was so bitter. Well, he had a few ideas why, but they were so commonplace that he couldn’t imagine it was the real reason. The basic story was he had once fallen so hard for this girl, Alexa. Alexa, or Alex as she preferred, was far less interested in him it turned out. In fact, she didn’t