Growing Together in a Changing Climate

The multilateral youth exchanges titled: Growing Together in a Changing Climate will gather 50 young people and group leaders from different EU and partner countries.
The main focus of the Youth exchange, which will be hosted in Agros Cyprus in June 2015, will be environmental protection and raising awareness about sustainable development through voluntary action.
The aim is to raise awareness about environmental issues and explore the
possibilities to act toward sustainable living culture.
lt is a project aimed to develop among young participants from 10 different
countries (5 for each country) the importance of being in direct contact of nature to:
• – Develop healthy lifestyle for themselves thanks to open-air activities –
Develop an eco-way of thinking and eco-habits, useful to create a better daily life and to start to think their own green-entrepreneurship future thanks to meeting with experts, role games, workshops, discussions, debates about topics as ecology, generation awake, recycling, environment, sustainable development and giving a big importance to topics as green economy and eco-citizenship and taking part in volunteering actions • Preserve the environmental resources as primary source of health of the
Earth and to preserve our future.
Climate change creates elevated levels of uncertainty about our future and amid this uncertainty, one thing is certain. We will leave the Earth to our children, young people and future generations. Young people are increasingly aware of the challenges and opportunities that the necessary transition to low carbon growth entails, and many are joining the global dialogue on solutions, getting involved and taking action. As young people work across the globe to determine their future by acting on climate change, their actions inspire us all.
By exchanging their own experiences on this youth exchange, participants will get first-hand practice in intercultural learning. We believe that this project will be an effective way to achieve understanding for the cultural diversity in Europe. From sharing personal cultural backgrounds to sustainable living culture. The impact however will not be limited to the Intercultural learning process only but also it will provide basic knowledge for recycling, by creating products from nature material that is free to make and can be placed on the market. One of the outcomes of the YE will be list of recommendations for volunteer green projects. The recommendations will be designed in form of check list for environmental protection and sustainable living that youth workers should take into consideration
when organizing projects in future. All the groups will live together during 8 days sharing all activities and daily shores together. The methodology will vary from watching movies, debates, roll-playing and creative activities. Of course there will be included presentations and workshops to get to know each other culture a little bit better.
Increasingly, in their own ways, people all across the world are finding reasons to act against climate change. While there was in the past a tendency for us to think of climate change as a hypothetical ‘future’ problem, it is now right in front of us.
Climate change is already being felt in every region of the world. More and more people are realising; the time to act is now!
Partner Country: Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Armenia. Georgia, Albania, ltaly, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Poland.