VENUE: Ordu-Ünye
03-10 May 2014

The Summary
Urbanization comes into prominence as an important topic when the conditions of natural life is changing in the world. With our project, we target that the young people will understand the necessity of the natural life as we reveal their expectations about the urbanization.
We plan to introduce them to different and unique experiences. In our project, we plan to offer different features of our country, and it is our goal that these young people can share their own ideas in a good atmosphere like a cultural festival. The army will use the opportunities which the EU provides. And we will present the opportunity of exploring the different aspects of village and city life.
We will use these methods: group working, learning by living and helping.
Furthermore, we will use the aggregation method to create awareness about their expectations.
We will keep going by sharing, dividing and combining. In our project, there will be 42 participants from Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Italy and Greece. There will be the sexuality balance between them and they will be young people who have never been in a project.
In addition, some participants have some disadvantages and this situation will contribute that a more different social environment will be existed in our project.