“2INpHIL” Europe for Citizens Programme

Europe for Citizens Programme,
Action 1 (Town Twinning) – Measure 2.2 of the European Commission.

ECOSE and the Ayuntamiento (Municipality) de Los Palacios y Villafranca (Seville) are going to realize a project titled “2INpHIL” project.
The project will promote widely the idea of town twinning and will engage all kinds of citizens to it through a set of activities, create and record the lyrics of the towntwinning song, create e-handbook , create definitions of town twinning..
The group shall: a) create 10 definitions of town twinning, i.e. to invent and write down small sentences (~50-60 words each) about what town twinning actually is, why it is important for the local communities, for the local people, for the local economies, for a peaceful coexistence, etc.
b) prepare a proposal (like a small project ~500-1000 words) that can be realized as a municipal activity between 2 (or more) local communities that are twinned, for a period of one day – one month.
c) rewrite the lyrics of the town-twinning song we will develop in your national language. We will provide you with the instrumental music and some guidelines on the metric poetry. Your version will be suggested to be used by Mayors of your country when (and if) they carry out any activities together with their sister cities. It can also be used in inaugural ceremonies of town-twinning schemes.
The project will includes two meetings:
– Kickoff Meeting Athens, Ellas 04/04/2011
– Meeting in Los Palacios y Villafranca (Sevilla)-ES, 10/11/2011
Participant Country:
Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungaria, Estonia, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Italy, Lituania, Germany, Denmark,