WAS – Woman And the Sea

Through the collection of historical material, cultural, artistic and
informational material about sea activities that, over time affected
the female world, we want to build an intercultural, inter-religious
and inter-linguistic dialogue process, respecting the wealth of
diversity and learning to enhance it.
The project aims to contribute to the dissemination and knowledge
of the traditions, crafts, flavors and the role that the woman in such
activity had in the past and which has in the present, identifying a
new socio-cultural and economic developments role of women in
marine activities.
We will speak about equal opportunity and future job prospects.
We will treat the woman-body-sea relationship in scenic
We will involve elderly over 40 and they will transmit their
experiences to young people (17/25) learning new communication
We will give to migrant workers and disabled the opportunity to
The project aims to create a “Feel Rouge” among people who feel the
sea as a common heritage, without territorial, cultural and social
boundaries. We also hope to give a contribution to knowledge to
learn by learning
Nations: Italy, Slovakia, Greece and Cyprus