T.I.M.E. – Time banks Information, Meeting and Exchange 2016

The project is composed by one activity which is the mobility of youth workers. The issues of youth unemployment and youth development by gaining competences and skills and its recognition and validation are nowadays solved in many countries in the European union which is the background of the project. These issues are hot issues for youth workers who found out that there can be very interesting cooperation with time
bank tool which can be very fruitful for both sides and very useful and beneficial for young people. The project objectives is sharing and exchanging and afterwards finding way to support youth employment and skill development and make it real by future cooperation and projects.
Project is aimed at combining the existing concept of time-bank with the concept of nonformal education towards support of young people facing the high rate of unemployability through active engagement in the local community by getting experience, practice by offering services using alternative currency.
The seminar will be based on the principles and practices of non-formal education and consistent with the theme and objectives of the seminar. Based on the needs and expectations of participants, it offers place for participants to share, exchange, present invent, discover and explore. It will promote communication among participants and mutual understanding in order to allow the exchange of knowledge and skills, and reflection on them.
The main methods implemented are: brainstorming, cooperative learning, participation and peer learning, discussion, role-play, Open space, feedback, interactive and creative presentations, exchange of best practices, Method – “TAPE” (taste, analyze , product, Evaluate), evaluation (questionnaires, creative methods, individual, group, in plenary), etc.

Participant Countries: France, Norwey, Poland , Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgary, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland