Steering Time Banking through Europe

4th-10th January 2016
Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic

This is the follow up after our project It´s time for time bank, which happened last year in Russia.
This project will give us space and time to discuss many things related to our work in field of time banking, inclusion of youth into time banking, and also to discuss issues around Timebanking Europe network.
The main aim of STBTE is to bring time bankers together to participate on shaping the TBE that includes all features of time banks in Europe need from such support network, especially in field of youth.
To plan cooperation in the field of youth (youth time banks, youth study visits and exchanges among time banks).
To touch EVS (European Voluntary Service) topic, and its use for learning by exchange of staff among time banks.
To create structured plan for future cooperation in the field of youth.
To outline basic values of time banking (what it means to us; to find a common ground)
To explore advantages of uniting Time Banks all across Europe into one network and to find out what are the needs and motivation of Time Banks to be members of the network.
To draft tools for operating and management of the networking: structure, documentation, web platform, fundraising strategy.
To discuss what are the possibilities of “youthification” of Time Banks, how youth can empower.
Time Banks and how Time Banks provide young people with better possibilities of transition to adult life.
To work off future projects to increase youth participation in European Time Banking

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